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More fun for Baseball Buffs

Few of us are old enough to remember baseball before the days of free agency and multi-million dollar contracts. Find out what the game was like back then with “So You Want To Be a Major Leaguer,” the memoir of minor-league player Cy Block’s attempts to break into the bigs during the 1930s & 40s. It’s a whole different world!
Listen to So You Want To Be a Major Leaguer on (where you can also hear Babe Ruth’s Book of Baseball) — or read it on

10 Prop Box Ideas: Mini Learning Centers at Home!

Many preschool classrooms include learning centers (for example, a writing center, a science center, a water table) where children use hands-on materials to explore, play, and learn about specific topics. Bring the spirit of learning centers into your home with prop boxes—plastic bins or cardboard shoe boxes you fill with materials and props related to one topic, such as math or writing. Here are 10 ideas:

10 No-Cost, Screen-Free Activities to Play with Your Preschooler

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports that inexpensive toys such as blocks, balls, jump ropes and buckets are more effective in allowing children to be imaginative and creative than more expensive toys that may be out of reach for many parents. ​So, why not take that cardboard box and play with them? Here are ten ideas that your preschooler will adore:

CARES Act and early retirement withdrawals

If you’re out of work and need income, you might be considering withdrawing from your retirement savings. Normally, if you withdraw money from traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and employer-provided accounts before reaching age 59 ½, you have to pay a 10 percent early withdrawal penalty… If you’ve experienced hardship as a result of the pandemic, temporary changes to the rules under the CARES Act may give you more flexibility to make a withdrawal from tax-deferred retirement accounts during 2020. See this article for details:

Treasure Houses of Britain

New on Acorn TV: Treasure Houses of Britain! Discover the rich history of England’s great country homes with intimate visits to Burghley House, Chatsworth, Blenheim Palace, Holkham Hall, and Boughton. Through their architectural wonders and artistic treasures, each of these magnificent homes tells the story of the influential families who lived there, from the Earls of Leicester to Winston Churchill’s ancestors.
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36 Questions for Increasing Closeness

Do you want to be famous? What’s a favorite memory? These 36 questions can bring you closer to loved ones, even if you’re separated.
==> Related podcast episode: How to Connect When You Must Stay Apart

COVID-19 resources for special needs families & people with disabilities

==> National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) has a 25 minute standing workout video that guides you through several strength and cardio activities to increase your heart rate and help you meet your physical activity goals. NCHPAD’s YouTube channel also includes videos on meditation, home workouts, telehealth, inclusive yoga, and more (see picture above).

==> POAC Autism Services is offering daily and weekly Live Events such as: Story time, Yoga, Zumba, Music, Parent Support Groups, Webinars and much more.

==> Autism NJ offers resources for family support, education rights, legal & financial issues, safety & crisis issues, and more.

==> Autism Society has a COIVD-19 Toolkit that covers Modifying Routines, Mental Health & Respite, Education, and more, plus a weekly video broadcast on Facebook with COVID-19 information for the autism community, featuring an expert discussing specific topics like mental health, federal emergency funding, and financial planning.

==>‘s extensive collection of COVID-19 resources cover School Closings & Distance Learning, At-Home Activities & Schedules, Coping Tips for Families, Disability Issues at Work, and more.

==>’s COVID-19 page, though mainly aimed at Minnesota families, includes a few resources that may be helpful for all special needs families, including COVID-19 Distance Learning and Challenging Behaviors and Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellness During the COVID-19 Outbreak.

==> SPAN Advocacy’s COVID-19 Information Page includes links to fact sheets and YouTube videos, and information about how to contact their Family Resource Specialists, Parent Group Specialists, Community Health Workers, and others by phone and email.

==> Center for Parent Information and Resources has advice on Coping with COVID-19 for Adults and for Children, as well as additional helpful resources on homeschooling, telecommuting, and more.

==> Disability Rights New Jersey covers critical issues facing New Jersey Residents with Disabilities during the pandemic.

==> Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund COVID-19 page is dedicated to their own COVID-19 materials and communications on healthcare rights & non-discrimination, opportunities for advocacy, government information, and helpful resources, and will be updated as the situation changes. (Some information is specific to California.)