Finding Children’s Books on eLibraryNJ

Free ebook and audiobook downloads from eLibraryNJ (Overdrive) aren’t just for grown-ups! eLibraryNJ also offers a nice selection of audiobooks and ebooks for kids of all ages. You can use the search box to find a specific title or author. But what if you want to browse everything that’s available for a specific age group? Here’s how to do it!

Sign in before you search or browse to see all titles available to you:elibraryju1aOn the login page, choose South Plainfield Public Library from the dropdown menu: elibraryju1bThen enter your library card barcode number in the box: elibraryju1cThis will bring you to your Bookshelf, which will list any items you already have checked out. From the Bookshelf page, click on MENU: elibraryju1dUnder Children & Teens on the menu, click on CHILDREN FICTION: elibraryju1eOn the results page, use the left-hand menu to narrow your search to AUDIOBOOK (or ebook, if you prefer): elibraryju2 Next, choose an INTEREST LEVEL and/or READING LEVEL to see titles for a specific age group: elibraryju4The resulting list will show you all relevant items – including those that are not currently available.  elibraryju5Items which not currently available will have the headphone icon grayed out; the icon will be dark on those which are currently available: elibraryju6Click on AVAILABLE NOW to limit your results to items you can check out immediately: elibraryju7That’s it! For general instructions on using eLibraryNJ, see (audiobooks) and (ebooks). Enjoy!





Webfinder : World War I

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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. If you’d like to know more about ‘The Great War’, check out these resources that we’ve put together for the occasion!

History Extra: First World War – A great collection of illustrated articles, podcasts, quizzes and other resources from BBC History magazine. See also BBC History – World War One Centenary.

Holocaust Encyclopedia: World War I – A good overview of World War I, with additional articles exploring how the aftermath of the war led to the rise of Nazism and eventually to World War II. (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)

National World War I Museum – Includes a number of interesting online exhibitions, as well as an Interactive Timeline of WWI.

Radio Open Source Podcast – A series of thought-provoking discussions on WWI and its long-term consequences; from August 2014. Backstory Radio is seeking input from listeners for a future podcast ‘exploring the long shadow of the conflict across 20th and 21st century America.’

World War One Documents Archive – A comprehensive site offering text of primary documents including conventions, treaties, memorials & personal reminiscences, essays on a wide variety of special topics, plus images and links (Brigham Young University). The British National Archives website includes digitized letters, diaries, maps and photographs from the First World War.

World War One : Themes – A collection of articles and other resources from the British Library exploring topics such as the worldwide implications of the war, the logistics of military organization, the realities of warfare, the roles of non-combatants, and more.

World War I Timeline – Lists the chief events of the War from 1914-1919. U.S. Entered World War One, April 6, 1917 provides a brief overview of how the war began and why the U.S. became a part of it. (Library of Congress)

United States World War I Centennial Commission – More WWI links.