Information icon The SOUTH PLAINFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY strives to contribute to the quality of life for every resident in the borough by being a center for life-long learning and a place for community interaction. Its mission is to provide informational, educational, leisure and cultural resources to every resident of South Plainfield regardless of age, background or income level. For more information, please visit our homepage at http://www.southplainfield.lib.nj.us/

Information icon Our WordPress posts about LIBRARY RESOURCES are intended to help you make the most of the Library’s online resources, such as free downloads (eBooks, audiobooks, music and magazines), premium resources & research databases, and the library’s website.

Information icon Our WEBFINDERS on WordPress are designed to direct you to the best websites on specific topics, and to library materials on each topic. WEBFINDERS links have been chosen by the South Plainfield Public Library staff. We have tried to choose the most useful sites available, but we cannot be responsible for accuracy of information at these sites. Our inclusion of websites in this directory is not an endorsement of any products or services these sites may be selling or advertising. Please use all information gathered over the Internet with caution.

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