Automobile museums

Attention car buffs! Some of the world’s best car museums have opened their doors virtually – posting virtual tours and videos online – so you can check out their impressive collections from the comfort of your home:

Virtual tours of UK National Trust sites

Bring beautiful garden scenes and sweeping outdoor views to your own home with some virtual tours! Take in the beauty of the herbaceous garden at Anglesey Abbey, explore Ireland’s famous Giant’s Causeway, enjoy the Arts and Crafts-inspired garden at Hidcote or Vita Sackville-West’s garden at Sissinghurst Castle… and more. (TIP: While you’re touring, don’t forget to click on the SOUND EFFECTS icon!)

Online summer camps

Virtual camps and classes offer a wide variety of enrichment to keep kids busy, learning, and having fun — while practicing safe social distancing. Many (though not all) of the camps listed here are free!

Great news for all our e-magazine readers!

We are now providing free access to RB Digital’s entire collection of THOUSANDS of magazines on all subjects, including foreign language magazines and magazines for kids & teens! You can search the collection by title, or filter by genre or language.
==> Mobile apps are available through the Apple app store, Google Play, and Amazon app store.
==> For help, see our video on How to Access RB Digital, or our brief PDF guide to Using RB DIGITAL Mobile or Desktop

Yarn crafts for kids

Yarn is a great resource for crafters – it can be used for knitting, crocheting, crafting – the list goes on! The best part? Kids enjoy crafting with yarn. (And it’s not very messy!) Yarn can be made into many things which make it the perfect craft supply. Use your favorite colors of yarn to craft.

Celebrate the 4th of July with these fun crafts

Happy Independence Day! Here’s a great collection of holiday crafts for kids, including Paper Firework Craft, Paper Plate Wind Catcher, Toilet Roll Rockets, Egg Carton American Flag, and many more!

==>Learn about the holiday:

==> More resources at American Revolution: A Resource Guide

Everyday fun with science

Young children are drawn to questions that help them make sense of their world, like how birds fly, why leaves change color, and which objects sink and which float in the tub. At the same time, they are also fascinated with the process of doing science — exploring cause-and-effect, discovering patterns, and more. Use these simple ideas to you help your young child (up to age 5) begin to understand big ideas about science.

BOREDOM BUSTER for Broadway & baseball fans

The cast of Broadway’s *Hadestown* and past & present Major League Baseball Players celebrate the start of spring training and Broadway’s inevitable return with exclusive videos of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and “Wait For Me.”
See for both videos & the full story!