Audio storytelling: The Apple Seed podcast

¬†“Join The Apple Seed just about every day, for two hours filled with stories for you and your family. You’ll enjoy tall tales, fairy tales, folk tales, personal tales, historical tales, and more, hosted by storyteller Sam Payne.” (BYU radio, Brigham Young University)

Soothing craft projects

¬†During distressing times, it can be challenging to restrain worry and rumination. When our problems seem out of our control, sometimes it’s helpful to step away and task ourselves with something distracting. So what’s one to do? Many crafters agree that DIY projects are mentally soothing for one reason or another. Here are 15 craft projects that are mentially soothing!

Set Up Simple Play Centers That Keep Kids Engaged

Three play centers – mud kitchen, water playground and art center – can turn an ordinary corner of your home or yard into a unique space designed to inspire and make open-ended play possible. Once the centers are set up, kids can play independently without any effort or even involvement from you!
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Creating A Play Space To Get Back Hours of Free Time
How to Invite and Inspire Kids to Play on their Own

Make Scratch Art Portholes for your room

Create a sea-inspired masterpiece using materials you can find at home! The portholes transform your wall into a window into the sea. Make a bunch of portholes and hang them up so that your room looks like a submarine!

Make a nature curtain

String up a long stretch of twine between two trees, then give each kid their own piece of twine and a variety of nature treasures (e.g. sticks, flowers, greens, rocks, etc) to create the curtain. Fun for kids of all ages!