Freegal Features: Browsing Genres

By now, you probably know you can download free music through our Freegal music service. But you may not know there are non-music genres available through Freegal too, such as comedy, Spoken Word, audiobooks, ambient, and more.

Or, if you do know these other genres are available, you may not know the best way to browse them. For example, if you like comedy and you are searching for a specific comedian, you can just do a search on that artist’s name. But if you want to see all the artists available in the COMEDY genre and you try to browse them by clicking on the “GENRES” button in the menu bar, you will get a long alphabetical list of every artist in that genre – which can be a tedious way to browse:
freegalcomedy1 But if you go to the Advanced Search page (click on “Advanced Search” just above the search box near the top of the page) and enter COMEDY in the genre box:  freegalcomedy2The results you get from the Advanced Search will look like this: freegalcomedy3Now, if you click the “See More Artists” icon above and to the right of the list of ARTISTS (marked by the red arrow in the screenshot above), you will get a page like this:  freegalcomedy4

The more familiar names will tend to be nearer the top of the list, which will probably be an easier way to browse the genre for most people.

Be aware, however, that some titles are not in the GENRE where you would expect to find them. For instance, the classic Mel Brooks/Carl Reiner comedy series, “The 2000 Year Old Man”, is NOT listed in COMEDY – it’s in SPOKEN WORD.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Advanced Search engine is a bit quirky and a bit fussy. Sometimes it is case sensitive, and sometimes it may require quote marks around two-word genre names, such as “Spoken Word”.

For example, if you enter the term *spoken word* without capitalizing BOTH words, AND putting the term in quotes, you may get no results. Likewise, if you search a genre in ALL CAPS, you will also get no results.

Further, audiobooks are listed on the GENRES page as Audio Books, but if you search “Audio Books” (two words, capitalized, in quotes) you will get quite a different list from the one you will get if you search *audiobooks* (no caps, no quotes). And if you search “audio books” (two words, uncapitalized, in quotes) you will get no results at all!

But if a genre is listed on the GENRES page and does not say “No Results Found” in the artist column, you can safely assume there are titles in the genre. You may just have to experiment with capitalization and quotes to get the best results.

Happy listening!