Videos from the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)

The National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) offers videos on mindfulness meditations, home workouts, and related health & fitness topics for people with disabilities, older adults, and others.
Home Workouts:
Inclusive Aging:

Yoga (and more!) for Uncertain Times

“This collection of practices was assembled to support you in times of uncertainty. May this collection serve to remind you that you are not alone, to support you through unknown times, and to help you find peace through your home practice.”
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Meditation & Mindfulness audiobooks

Hoopla offers more than 50 Meditation & Mindfulness audiobooks you can borrow with your library card!
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Coping skills: meditations

Here are a few short audio meditations to help you recenter during these uncertain times.
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Webfinder: Meditation & Stress Reduction

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Relaxation Techniques for Health: What You Need To Know – Reviews the scientific evidence for the effectiveness – or ineffectiveness – of relaxation techniques in managing a variety of health problems. NOTE: Relaxation techniques are generally considered safe for healthy people, but those with serious physical or mental health problems should discuss relaxation techniques with their health care providers. (2016 – 2019, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health)

6 Mindfulness Exercises That Each Take Less Than 1 Minute – Quick & easy mindfulness exercises for people who don’t want to do formal meditation (2013, Psychology Today; site includes advertisements). Quick Stress Relief [UPDATED LINK!] has advice to help you recognize when you’re stressed and learn techniques for quick stress relief when you need it. The same site offers lots of additional advice on Stress Relief [UPDATED LINK!] and Mental Health & Wellness. (

Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress – A brief overview of the benefits of meditation and different techniques for meditating. (2019, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)

MEDITATION AUDIOS: Guided Meditation Audio [AUDIO] – If you’re having trouble getting started with meditation, this free audio from the Portland Insight Meditation Community will guide you through the basic practice of mindfulness meditation. The site also offers additional guided meditation audios [AUDIO] for deepening your practice. Basic Relaxation Audios [AUDIO] from the Hobart and William Smith Colleges Counseling Center are free audio downloads to guide you through two different relaxation techniques – the Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique and the Combination Relaxation Exercise. For many additional free audio downloads, see The Mindfulness Solution [AUDIO] (Ronald D. Siegel, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School) and Free Guided Meditations [AUDIO] (UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center). The Allen County Public Library (Fort Wayne, IN) offers free online audios for Mindful Meditation and Gentle Yoga. offers a growing collection of free guided meditation audios [AUDIO]. The American Chronic Pain Association offers a five-minute online guided relaxation video [VIDEO] designed to help you let go of physical stress.

Stress – Links to additional information on different kinds of stress and how to manage stress, plus related resources. (U.S. National Library of Medicine)

Stress Management – Explains how stress affects your physical & emotional health, and suggests a variety of techniques for controlling stress (American Heart Association).

Physical exercise can also help reduce stress! Check out our Fitness, Sport, & Physical Therapy links for some good exercise resources. For additional mental health resources, check out our links to information about Mental Health, Self-Help, & Support Groups.

The South Plainfield Library sometimes offers programs in yoga and meditation. Please keep an eye on the library’s website, library calendar, and/or our Facebook page for upcoming programs.


11-minute body scan for children [AUDIO] can help bring calmness, attention, and appreciation to hectic daytime routines and marathon bedtime rituals. Mindful breath-counting practice for teens and tweens [AUDIO] teaches kids the basics of mindful awareness by counting each inhale and exhale. (

The South Plainfield Library sometimes offers yoga or meditation programs for kids. Please check with the Children’s Room staff for schedule.

Links updated November 2019.